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We offer a full line of services for OEM

Circuit Board Design

We work with OEM and OEM distributors across the country to provide cutting edge electronic repair services. Electronic Tech has more to offer than repair services. Our services can be valuable from start to finish of a product or component life cycle. We can generate schematics and reverse engineer components to help OEM troubleshoot or test products before or after production. This allows us to help OEM with warranty repairs or discontinued product repairs, which makes our services indispensable to OEM operations by cutting initial cost, labor, training, and time. We will work with you, your distributors, and end users to achieve a flawless streamline of endless productivity. Let us find a solution that will work for your operations and accommodate your needs to satisfy your customers.

OEM Services

  • Warranty repairs
  • Out of warranty repairs
  • Discontinued product repairs
  • Non-current electronic equipment and component repair
  • PCB troubleshooting down to component level repair
  • PCB testing and complete component testing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Schematic generation
  • Diagnostic and inspection services



Service Benefits

  • Reduce repair costs
  • Less allocated floor space
  • Less equipment costs
  • Less direct labor costs
  • Less employee training costs
  • Faster turnaround
  • Keep OEM focus on core business
  • Full distributor support
  • Full end user support
  • Faster product release


Circuit Board Schematic


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