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Circuit Board Repair Training

Level 2 - Troubleshooting Down to the Component level schematics

PCB Repair Soldering Iron

Two-day seminar

This 2 day training is for the more advanced electronic technicians who have already completed the Level 1 training or already have experience in the field. This training will take what you’ve learned in the 101 training and give you more hands-on experience. You’ll be able to apply all the techniques and theories you’ve learned in the 101 training into this class. This is a fun training experience.

Day One Learning

  • Quick Review of Component Theories
  • Quick Review of Testing Equipment
  • How a Switch Mode Power Supply Work
    • Building Blocks of a Switch Mode Power Supply
    • Troubleshooting Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • In-depth look into Integrated Circuit (ICs)
    • How to read a datasheet
    • How to apply it to troubleshooting
  • How to check CPUs and Memories

Day Two Learning

  • Troubleshooting real problems on Printed Circuit Boards
Student Repairing PCB

Learn about circuit boards, troubleshooting, and repair

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